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Look no further for phonic materials and worksheets which directly support Finding Out by David Paul. Blending a Hand uses all the vocabulary found in Finding Out 1 and provides explicit, systematic phonics instruction for the teaching of reading and writing. These discs are jampacked with games and activities which are guaranteed to thrill you and your students. They make a positive link between phonics, books and conversation through phonically regular sentences, Story Cards and dialogues. The photocopiable worksheets cover every aspect of the teaching of phonics and provide support for every contingency. The teacher and student friendly worksheets are self explanatory and instructions aimed at the student have been avoided, they are ideal for the classroom and homework. Perfect for mixed level classes as each student can work at his or her level. The materials are designed to take the child through the basics of reading and writing into the world of literacy. If you want 100% success in this area, then this is the material for you.

BAH CDROM 1 contains 200 concept worksheets in 3 levels with 13 sublevels. 150 well-designed letter-word-sentence formation worksheets, six lines of practice to a page, a choice of fonts, and 7 levels.
3 bingo games, from alphabet to double sounds.
3 levels of 'String-a-longs' and 'Paper Chains', picture word matching games. And more.
All follow the concepts and sequence of Finding Out.

BAH CDROM 2 contains 150 'Coloring Worksheets': 7 picture dictionaries.
200 picture based word searches and crosswords to use in conjunction with 'Coloring Worksheets'.
100 word-sentence formation worksheets,each focusing on a single phoneme, decodable sentences.
40, 100% decodable stories in three levels, "brilliant"!
30 'Dialogue Cards': takes students from reading to conversation. And more.

BAH CDROM 3 contains 120 anchor and 120 picture posters, to turn your classroom into a kaleidoscope of color and action.
'Switchit', a 'Uno' type game with over 1000 phonically regular cards; compulsive, addictive reading game.
4 sets of 'Gridlock' cards, 2 word families based and 2 phoneme based reading and spelling games.
Phoneme and Phonogram cards, sound to spelling and spelling to sound games. And more.

BAH 1 CD \4200 : samples here
BAH 2 CD \4200 : samples here
BAH 3 CD \4200 : samples here
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