Really, Halloween is October 31, but I'm getting ready for it now. I want to 0have a party just like last year. Let's have a party with all the students. This year's party will be October 20 (the third Saturday), so make sure you keep that date free!

What is "Halloween?" October 31, Halloween, is the night before All Saints' Day, and it means, in Old English, "All Hallows' Even," only shortened. On this day, children dress up in ghost or witch costumes and go around the neighborhood, much like "Otsukimi Dorobo" ("Moon-Viewing Thief"), and say, "Trick or treat," to get candy. Halloween is pumpkin lanterns, and witch or other spooky masks are a common. And everyone whooping it up is the fun part of Halloween.

This year's party:  
Day and Time: 10/20/2001 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Place: Heizushinmachi Public Hall, Second Floor
What to bring: Treats (to hand out), Empty Bag (to receive treats), Thermos of Tea
Party Fee: 500 Yen

Every year the *costumes* are really great. This year I want to do the party in costume, too, so start thinking now. What am I going to wear? Some of my previous costumes have been an Indian, Cleopatra, an angel, a cowgirl, and a sunflower. This year? Well, wait and see. Anything is OK for a costume. Handmade masks or whatever clothes you have now, jewelry, hats, etc. Some ideas are characters (Pokemon, Zoid, Snow White, Mickey Mouse), famous people (Cleopatra, Nasubi, Masashi, etc.), sports players, Olympic athletes, a princess, a clown, a robot, an animal, a witch, food, anything is OK.

Of course, I want to do *TRICK OR TREATING*. Usually you go Trick or Treating from house to house, but that would take way too much time, so let's do it in the Public Hall.The students will carry a big bag and go Trick or Treating in turn. If you don't say "Trick or Treat" in loud voice, you won't get any candy! All the students (and me, too) want to get some candy, so the mothers should prepare a small amount of treats for each student. I will give you something, too. When the party date comes near, I will tell you how many students to prepare for. Some treat ideas are rice crackers, cookies, chocolate, fruit, homemade treats, or anything else. Every year more and more students join the party, so we get more and more treats. So, please prepare only a little for each person (for example, 3 pieces of chocolate, 1 small package of rice crackers, 1 sucker, etc.).

The *program* will, of course, be lots of games. Last year's teams worked out very well, so we will have teams again this year.

Please register for the party no later than October 12. Make sure you pay for the party at the time you register. If you don't know by October 12 whether you can join the party or not, please let me know.

Let's enjoy the party!

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10/20/2001 Halloween Party

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Sharon Abe
Publicity Director, ETJ-Aichi