Welcome to the Second American Independence Day Miniature Golf and Hamburger Day

It is almost July 1. Why don't you make a paper doll charm to keep the rain away?

On the day of the event, you will be divided into 4-person groups. Each group will start from an assigned hole, so when you finish that hole, continue around in order until you have finished all 18 holes. Only one person from each group will keep score. That person will write everyone's score on the scorecard. If you hit the ball 7 times without the ball going in the hole, you will get a score of 8. If this happens, please pick up your ball right away. Please follow the rules on the scorecard.

When you finish the 18 holes, please give your scorecard to the teacher, and get your party tickets. Then please wait. You will get one drink bottle, but you might want your own thermos of tea. If it is a hot day, you might want a hat. Finishing time will be between 1:30 and 2:00. Let's enjoy ourselves!

Sharon Abe
Publicity Director, ETJ-Aichi