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ETJ-Aichi docs
Forms, handouts, and other prints which help us run ETJ-Aichi.
EXPO 2017
EXPO presenters' submissions, outlining their presentations. (Note: the download consists of MS-Word and PDF files, and is compressed. In the unlikely case your computer doesn't have one, 7-Zip is a free and easy file decompressor.)
ER & Vocab
Description and materials for a jr/sr high Extensive Reading and Vocab Thru Video programs for jr/sr high. From Nicolas Cueto.
Talk About!

large or A4-size
Colored game-boards that are brilliant ice-breakers for that very first class. From David Lisgo. (400Kb / 186Kb
Phonics cards
Downloadable, print-ready deck of colorful phonetic cards based on Finding Out 1. From Brad Foley.
Talk About Jr!

large or A4-size
Teaching phonics
Principles and suggestions for teaching phonics to elementary-aged children here in Japan. From Stephen Brivati.
Christmas-themed reworking of this traditional party game. By Peter Warner.
Planning EFL parties
Guidelines and sample materials detailing what to do -- and not do! -- when organizing extracurricular activities, such as Christmas or Halloween parties, for young EFL learners. From Sharon Abe.

A co-operative bingo version and some other unique ways to liven up bingo. By Chris Hunt and Peter Warner.

Words aloud
2249 words read aloud -- singly!! From Nicolas Cueto.
children's graded readers
Originally part of a mailing-list discussion, this brief but excellent summary of (all?) the available childrens-readers series was definitely worth posting here.
Worksheets galore
A free online utility for teachers, parents, and tutors to make flashcards, print word lists, and generate worksheets -- including bingo cards! -- for educational games. From Personal Educational Press.
student phoneme cards
A card game for students to practice some basic English sounds and their spellings.
Make your own ELT cards
A step by step guide for teachers, detailing the necessary materials and wisest procedure for creating attractive picture/vocabulary cards that can survive even the genki'est of children's classes. From Peter Warner.
Keep it B-R-I-E-F-S
The elements of a successful lesson. From Peter Warner.
Blending a hand
Two parts to this:
- phonics-based worksheets, posters, crosswords, wordsearch-puzzles, and much more, all copyright-free
- how to make and use your own laminated worksheets, flashcards, & bingo cards
From David Lisgo.
English in Japan
Thoughts and advise on various facets of EFL instruction, with particular reference to Japanese young learners, phonics, and reading.
By Peter Warner.
Practical secrets of laminated card making
2000 Regularly Decodable Words
A list of over 2,000 regularly decodable words, i.e., only one sound per alphabet letter. From Douglas Corin.
Cassette to PC dubbing
Instructions for dubbing onto your PC from video decks, DVD players, etc.
By Nicolas Cueto.
Halloween games
A list of 56 Halloween party games. Compiled by Kim Horne.

Like the US television game show !
Make questions and then your students have fun answering in class.
Windows only... nothing gets installed, so perfectly safe... teacher-made, so easy to use... and it's freeware (feedback welcome, tho).
By Nicolas Cueto.

The 4 skills of phonics
A phonics programme outline -- A.C.T.I.V.E. -- that helps students acquire a knowledge of English phonics, by stimulating all four skills, which reinforce each other. By Peter Warner.


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